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2002 Francisco Barba “Blanca”

Top: Spruce
Back & Sides: Spanish Cypress
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD 

This is a wonderful Blanca from Barba, who’s guitars are very difficult to obtain these days. Often the ones I find in Europe are more expensive than this, so it is extremely well priced as well. This Blanca is a treat in that it has the feel of a fine Blanca and is very ‘Flamenco’ but at the same time, as is the case with Barba, is unusually musical, unlike many Blanca’s which can at time sound a bit too thin and screechy.

Barba’s guitars are in huge demand now, and it seems now that Reyes has closed his list, Barba, who many consider to be the ‘Reyes of Sevilla’, is getting many orders that might otherwise have gone to Reyes. In many ways evocative more of Arcangel’s guitars than those of Reyes, they have a sweeter somehow more musical quality to them, yet still remain firmly with both feet in the Flamenco world. Nino de Pura and Roldan, play Barba guitars and they are used from time-to-time by Riqueni, Pedro Pena, Manolo Franco and others.

This guitar has been very well cared for with only a couple unobjectionable marks on the top, otherwise like new with no cracks and no repairs. If you are looking for a great Barba, this guitar deserves your serious considerations.

2002 Francisco Barba "Blanca"