1999 Robert Ruck

Top: Cedar/Fan braced
Back & Sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Rodgers
SOLD – 20th Anniversary Sale!

I enjoyed playing this immensely it is a very rewarding and beautiful sounding Ruck, so I was rather surprised when I measured the scale and found it to be 660mm as I have small hands but found it so easy to play I just assumed it was a 650mm. The guitar is in excellent condition with no cracks or repairs and only very light playing wear, the kind you really have to tilt the guitar in just the right light to see, otherwise in fine condition. She sports a set of Rodgers tuners, always nice, and also has the Ruck ‘sound ports’ which offers the player a nice sort of ‘surround sound’ effect almost like stereo. This is a fine example of a Ruck and reenforces why such luminaries as Manuel Barrueco record with Ruck guitars.

1999 Robert Ruck for sale