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1998 Manuel Reyes “Blanca”

Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Cypress
Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD

This flawless Reyes Blanca has found a new home, if you are looking for a superb Blanca please give me a call…

There is little doubt that Reyes is the “Barbero” of our time, and since Vicente Amigo burst on the scene in the ’80’s, the ‘Reyes sound’ has become the iconic sound of Flamenco for the past two decades or more. Now, with Reyes Padre retiring permanently in 2011, we know there are only a finite number of Reyes guitars in the world. Maybe there are remaining, undamaged, perhaps 500-600 of them in the entire world give or take? And over time through attrition/accidents etc that will only go down. So these are precious guitars to we Flamenco lovers, the Stradivarius of Flamenco guitars in the eyes of many, and only a very few players in the world will ever be lucky enough to own one. On top of that, many are damaged, cracked, or in other ways compromised, so the number of pristine Reyes guitars is maybe a fraction of those remaining, perhaps as few as 150-200 in the world that might be in near new condition, probably a lot less than that.

So it is a great pleasure for me to offer this absolutely MINT, like new, as if it was just sent from the shop, 1998 Manuel Reyes Flamenco Blanca. It is quite literally flawless in every way, a stunningly well cared for example and an amazing quintessential Reyes Blanca as well. The guitar embodies every single aspect of what players are looking for in a fine Reyes, ease of playability, great Flamenco growl, well balanced, those famous incisive fierce trebles, and gutsy basses. If you did not love this guitar, then you would not love any Reyes ever, this IS the Reyes sound and feel at it’s best.

1998 Manuel Reyes "Blanca"