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1996 Matthias Dammann Cedar/Double top (Ex. Scott Tennant)

Top: Cedar/ Double Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Rodgers
Origin: Germany
Price: SOLD

This superb Dammann has found a new home, if you are seek a fine Dammann please contact me I can help…

I am fortunate to see/hear/sell more Dammann guitars than anybody in the world and yet I never cease to be newly impressed each time a Dammann of any vintage arrives in the shop. This one was specially made for Scott Tennant of the LA Guitar Quartet, and Dammann put an inscription inside the guitar stating this. Scott I think is really a Spruce lover at heart and is now playing a Spruce Philip Woodfield lattice that he acquired from me. I am sure Matthias really went all out on this guitar knowing it could be seen and heard all over the world.

The sound is lovely, of course it has the expected power, dynamic range, and volume that Dammann’s are also known for, but mostly it has a lovely lively sparkle to the voice. Rich and cedar like but with a ‘lift’ and ‘openness’ that is quite lovely. Very expressive character. A refined and incredible Dammann that is quite comfortable to play as well.

The guitar is in excellent condition especially considering its age and the fact that it was owned and played by a professional concert artist. It has some light playing marks, but really nothing objectionable with the possible exception of one maybe 1.5mm ‘ding’ on the edge of the lower bout, but really nothing that ‘jumps out at you’.

A well cared for and very special Dammann……

1996 Matthias Dammann Cedar/Double top (Ex. Scott Tennant)