1993 Thomas Humphrey “Millennium style”

Top: Spruce/minimally fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: USA
Price: $9,950

I know what you are thinking “Here goes Chris again reminiscing about his old friend Tom”, OK I will just say a simple ’still miss the guy’. But it is great to see one of his guitars in the shop, like a visit from an old friend.

This is a really wonderful example of Tom’s earlier work, a Millennium style guitar with the precursor bracing to his eventual lattice braced design. This guitar is very minimally braced, it reminds me of some of the solid top guitars I see from Matthias Dammann, also thin powerful solid tops very minimally braced. This guitar has 3 braces and a very active powerful top, in fact the volume rivals that of his best lattice tops.

Once part of the renowned “Russell Cleveland” Collection, she has been well cared for all this time having only light playing wear in a few spots but nothing objectionable.

A fine guitar in every respect and a reminder as to why Tom Humphrey is considered to this day one of the elite builders of our time.

1993 Thomas Humphrey “Millennium style”