1992 Romanillos “Añacea”

Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: England
Price: SOLD

This extremely beautiful example of Jose’s work has found a new home, if you are interested in a fine Romanillos please contact me…
My relationship with the Romanillos family has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling for me as a guitar lover. From the recognition bestowed on fine luthiers they recommend as “Romanillos Selected Luthiers”, to the support of Jose and Marian’s guitar museum in Spain ( more on how to contribute to this fine effort in the future!! Please help!), to their opinion on Torres guitars and much more. What a delightful family. I so enjoyed my recent visit with Liam as well.

This guitar was presented to me by a good friend of Romanillos, and he says Pepe Romero, who is also a good friend of the owner, knows this guitar well. Although the label says “J.L. Romanillos & Son” this particular guitar was built entirely by Jose. He wrote me the following “We have checked the information and photographs that you sent to us via email correspondence with our record book & the guitar N. 718, Añacea was made by me & was signed by my wife Marian (also).” I have included a photograph of the signatures of both Jose and Marian on the ‘enlargement’ page for this guitar.

The guitar is a superb Romanillos, the craftsmanship is simply elegant, the detailed inlay work is absolutely stunning, and the tone is just pure “Romanillos” so sweet and so evocative of a fine old Torres with a spanish ‘soul’ so evident, a really romantically beautiful sounding instrument, at once noble and endearing with melodic sweet trebles and just delicious basses to accompany them, what a treat and an honor to play an instrument such as this.

I am also so impressed with how Jose’s son, Liam, so closely adheres to his fathers style such that one can easily hear that a new guitar by Liam must sound much like this guitar did when it too was new, and how in time, they will sound incredibly similar. The family tradition continues.

In truly incredible condition, this is a rare and wonderful guitar from one of the worlds most loved builders.

1992 Romanillos "Añacea"