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1992 Miguel Rodriguez “Centenaria”

Top: Cedar
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD

This fine Miguel Rodriguez has found a new home, if you are interested in a Rodriguez please give me a call….

This guitar, ex Angel Romero, comes with a letter from the owner confirming it’s purchase directly from Angel. The guitar was made by Rodriguez custom for Angel and is signed inside the guitar rather than the more usual spot on the label.
For many, the “Centenaria” guitars rank along side the ” Church Door ” Rodriguez guitars as the most desireable of Rod’s. The Centenaria guitars used the finest old aged woods and particular attention to detail was given to their construction. I have had the pleasure of representing several “Centenaria” guitars over the years, and each one has been a superb example of a fine Miguel Rodriguez guitar. This Centenaria has been very well cared for, the top is literally like new except for on 1/2″ impression that Angel Romero, the former owner, explained was caused when Rodriguez inadvertently allowed a tool to leave an impression on the top. Rather than sand or refinish the top he felt the sound was so exceptional, and the impression so unobjectionable, that he decided to leave it and it was delivered new to Angel that way. The Brazilian Rosewood, old pre-Cites Brazilian, is fine with the exception of three very tight cracks in the grain perhaps about one inch long each, that the owner reports have been very stable. Otherwise the guitar is in remarkably near new condition and it is an absolutely stunningly beautiful Rod. The iconic rosette, the detail work, the fine aged woods all create a work of art that will cause any guitar lover to breath a slight ‘sigh’ of appreciation.

Tonally it is a beautiful Rod, not surprisingly the volume is amazing, rivaling that of many modern style guitars, really quite wonderful. The character is very focused, very clear, very ‘precise’ with a crispness not so often found in cedar, and still a warmth exists to let you know ‘this is not a Spruce Rod!”.

A delightful Rodriguez, beautiful to look at, beautiful to hear, and with it’s standard 650mm scale, beautifully easy to play as well. A Rod lovers dream.

1992 Miguel Rodriguez "Centenaria"