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1990 Matthias Dammann ‘ex. Pepe Romero’

Top: Cedar/wood core double top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 664mm
Origin: Germany
Price: SOLD

This Dammann formerly owned by Pepe Romero has found a new home, if you are seeking a fine Dammann please contact me…

This is an incredible example of Dammann’s wood core double tops, before he moved to nomex. I have always loved these, don’t get them too often, I suspect the owners love them too much to sell them, but they have a gorgeous ‘woody’ tone to them that, enhanced by the typical Dammann attributes of wider dynamic range, excellent power and projection, and superior response make these striking Dammann’s.

This particular Dammann was originally owned by Pepe Romero, and would would correctly assume that Dammann went ‘all in’ knowing it was going to end up in Pepe’s capable hands. It was re polished at some point by Yuris and except for a few minor playing marks appears to be in near new condition at this point.

While it has the typical 664mm scale of that era of Dammann’s it plays supremely comfortably, and even a smaller person like myself at 5’6” has no trouble navigating the fret board. The neck shape is perfect which may account for this paradox. The voice is rich and warm and woody and yet powerful at the same time. Notes fly off the strings at the slightest touch.

A divine Dammann with a great history suitable for any capable player and/or collector…..

1990 Matthias Dammann ‘ex. Pepe Romero’