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1988 Manuel Reyes “Blanca”

Top: Spruce• Sides & Back: Spanish Cypress
Scale: 650 mm • Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD

This very very fine 88 Reyes has found a new home, I am hoping to have a legendary Reyes Negra from the 80’s soon, please contact me for details…

This is one of my all time favorite Reyes Blanca’s, same years as Vicente Amigo’s and unusual due to the regular 650mm scale as opposed to the more common 655mm scale. The owner of this guitar acquired it from me a couple of years ago along with a fine Classical guitar. His priorities have changed as they often do with us all, and he asked me to sell this guitar and his classical to free up funds for a project he wishes to work on. His shift in plans creates a major opportunity for any Reyes fan, and who isn’t a Reyes fan? When I first had the guitar here is what I wrote, nothing has changed:

Early this year I got a 1987 Reyes and I was reporting to you all that most people, Reyes himself included, consider his guitars from the ‘80’s among his very very best. He makes some classicals, so let’s say he made 8-10 Flamenco’s a year then perhaps there are what? Maybe a 100 Reyes from this Golden period world-wide, and most in permanent happy homes. So Reyes from that era are hard to come by. I was stunned when I got the 87, it was amazing and went to a good home quickly. Not long afterward I could not believe my luck when one of my agents in Europe discovered a pristine 89 Blanca that was just to die for, and that went quickly to a very nice client of mine. I figured two ‘80’s Reyes in one year would be a lot and that I would not see another perhaps for years. WRONG! I just acquired this stunning 1988 Reyes. 1988 is a magical year, even among ’80’s Reyes as that is the year of Vicente Amigo’s legendary Reyes. This guitar is superb in so many ways I don’t know where to begin. For starters it is in excellent condition, no cracks, no repairs, and only very very light playing wear, it was extremely well cared for. Next, it is one of those rare Reyes that was built in a 650mm scale instead of his usual 655mm or longer so for anybody with shorter fingers it is just a dream to play. Finally, it has perhaps the most beautiful rosette I have ever seen on a Reyes, truly unique and just gorgeous. The sound? Do I even need to go there? Well played in, open, complex, punchy, refined when you want, but raw as all get out when you ask. Reyes at the highest level you can imagine. Wow, this fills in the gap now so far this year 87/88/89? Will there be another ‘80’s this year or next? Don’t wait to find out. A dream guitar for any Reyes lover. I had to just about mortgage my house to buy this, so don’t look for a bargain, sorry, they just are what they are these days, at least the truly great ones…

1988 Manuel Reyes "Blanca"