1986 Miguel Rodriguez

Top: Cedar
Back and Sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD

This exceptional Rodriguez has found a new home, if you are seeking a good Rod please contact me…

I know your first thought “Rod’s usually sell for more than $30,000 this must be a typo?”. Answer, NO it really is priced correctly by the owner at this very very fair price for a fine Rod. Your second thought is probably then ” OK, then their must be something wrong with it to be priced this well?”, Answer: No again, it is in fact essentially flawless, nearly like new and very well cared for. Read on…

This guitar is owned by a client of mine in Europe. I had the good fortune to find a home for his friends stunning Romanillos a year or so ago, and so he contacted me to find a home for this gorgeous Rodriguez. He has allowed me to set the price at a very very affordable level for a Rod of this quality, sort of a “pay it forward” mentality which some clients so graciously express. This a gorgeous Rod, and the owner has taken meticulous care of her which is apparent when you see the guitar. He reports he had the top lightly polished a few years back just to bring back some of the sheen, but all the finish he reports is original and it is evident that he took great pride in owning this instrument. It is as close to flawless as you could hope for, a work of art set off by the beautiful and much loved rosette, a true beauty. The owner reports no cracks and repairs and my inspection concurred, in fact the guitar looks brand new inside and out. When inspecting with a mirror inside it looks like it left the shop yesterday none of the oft found ‘dust bunnies’ you find in so many vintage guitars 🙂

This instrument is VERY open and wonderfully lively to play, you sort of ‘feel’ the sound all around you and notes are full bodied and dripping with character, a very expressive guitar, with good volume for a fan braced instrument. Seriously, I doubt there is a Rod lover on Earth who would not drool over this guitar.

1986 Miguel Rodriguez