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1985 Manuel Reyes “Blanca”

Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Spanish Cypress
Scale: 655mm
Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD

This superb ’80’s Reyes Blanca has found a new home, if you are looking for a great Reyes please give me a call….

This is a guitar players Reyes! I have a great friend who plays and teaches Flamenco ( his wife is a dancer) and they live in Spain. He has owned many Reyes and understands Reyes guitars as well as I do. Reyes has built me several personal guitars over the years up until he retired in 2011. This guitar was acquired by my friend directly from Reyes himself. Reyes examined the guitar and found it to be in perfect condition. He then touched up the polish so that it looks near new. The guitar is very very open and played in, resonant, with great clarity, strong basses and clear precise trebles and very balanced, arpeggios articulate cleanly and clearly for example, a great Reyes Blanca. My friend fell in love with it and it was his personal guitar for some time. Only the delightful news that his wife was going to have a baby could have caused him to decide to sell it. So now he has a beautiful new baby, and he offered me his other ‘baby’, this Reyes. A very good client of mine, who owns probably the best Flamenco collection I know of, then acquired this guitar several years ago from me, and he has owned it ever since. He has reluctantly decided to return some of his guitars back into the world so others can enjoy them, and he has been sending me perhaps a guitar a year for this purpose the past few years. Thus, this beauty became available at this time.

With Reyes himself stating that his guitars from the 80’s are among his very favorite, and many people agreeing, 80’s Reyes have become sort of the holy grail of Reyes connoisseurs. Reyes reported that the guitar is in original condition and had only one owner prior to his obtaining it again, and it is in fantastic condition showing only a few very light marks.The rosette is beautiul and not common, a nice change from the signature, but more common ‘X’ motif on most of his rosettes.

1985 Manuel Reyes "Blanca"