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1983 Robert Ruck Cedar/Fan Braced

Top: Cedar/Fan Braced
Back and Sides: Brazilian Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Nut: 54mm
Origin: USA

I love it when one of Bob’s masterpieces flows into the shop, they are always magical guitars, and this one, particularly so. Some photos of Bob in Spain popped up on my Facebook feed the other day and it reminded me of his passion for building, his love of Spain, and love of Yoga. We all miss him.

This guitar, with the exception of a couple string dings, appears to have been in a ’time capsule’ it looks nearly new, amazing near new condition considering it was built in 1983. In a letter from that time from Bob, included with the guitar, he tells the buyer that he kept this guitar in the shop to sort of use as a ‘display’ example of his work. He says he used his finest materials, which are a superb Western Red Cedar Top and a dark, stable, lovely back and sides of fine Brazilian Rosewood. No cracks, no repairs. Just like it came from the shop.

The voice is pure Ruck, rich and warm and emotionally expressive. It is a lovely example of Bob’s work, using probably some of his finest woods, and in superb condition. Any Ruck lover would drool over this one….

1983 Robert Ruck Cedar/Fan Braced