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1982 Daniel Friederich ‘Cedar/Fan Braced’

Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: France
Price: SOLD

This guitar arrived along with a 1972 Spruce Friederich. I happened to play the Spruce one first, and you can read my comments about it. Pretty darn impressed to say the least. So I sat down with this one almost thinking ‘well surely this can not be as good as the Spruce one’. Wrong. It is the same, only cedar!! Another lovely ‘Grand Concert’ model built in 1982, well into his career and during what has been called his ‘cedar phase’. Like her Spruce ‘sister’ you have only to pluck the first few notes to know you are in the presence of something very special, warm, clear, complex notes float effortlessly from her and she is the equal to the Spruce 72 in every way except each has the character of their respective tone woods coloring the notes. One for Spruce lovers, one for Cedar lovers, what a treat. An exceptionally lovely sounding Friedrich, re polished by my other favorite French builder Dominique Delarue ( often referred to as ‘the next Friederich’) so that it looks nearly new with the exception of a few minor playing marks. A very fine Friederich indeed….

1982 Daniel Friederich ‘Cedar/Fan Braced'