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1978 Manuel Velazquez “rare” Cedar/fan braced

Top: Cedar/fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: USA
Price: SOLD

Manuel Velazquez guitars are often at the top of the list of players “favorites”, with has passing, his guitars have become even more treasured if that is possible. Most of the Velazquez are Spruce and so I am very happy to offer this somewhat rare “cedar” example in fine original condition. The guitar was acquired by the original owner directly from Velazquez and only played it a short time before storing it in the case until recently. The frets look brand new and were never replaced, that is how little it has been played. It had one small area on the lower bout repolished by Brune where a case strap had dulled the French Polish over the years, otherwise appears in mint new condition with only the fewest very light marks visible under close inspection. It was eventually acquired by the current owner who like the original owner played it very little and mainly wanted to maintain it’s pristine condition. Brune noted in an email when he returned the guitar that the sound was “fantastic”. I agree.

It is from his larger body period, and so the guitar not only has the lovely voice Velazquez lovers cherish, but is has a BIG sound for a Velazquez, quite and impressive combination, plays easily too. A flawless Velazquez for player or collector or both.

1978 Manuel Velazquez "rare" Cedar/fan braced