1977 Jose Romanillos

Top: Very old Spruce
Back and sides: Old Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: England
Price: SOLD

This stunning Romanillos has found a very appreciative new home, if you are seeking a fine Romanillos please contact me to discuss…

This refined and elegant Romanillos is as close to a perfect fan braced style guitar as I can imagine. Aside from the possibility that the top may have been repolished, the guitar is in absolute original mint condition with virtually no marks and no playing wear. She has been lovingly cared for it is obvious, even the interior is spotless as if it just came out of the shop, none of the sometime ubiquitous ‘dust bunnies’ I often find in there. Just a clean, well cared for, beautiful instrument from arguably Jose’s best period.

You only need to hit about three notes before you realize what is in your arms with this lady. She sings like a choir of angels. Supremely ‘open’ and with colors and flavors and character to spare. You feel as if you are inside a church not just because of the beautiful flowing musical nature of the voice, but also because you feel like you are in the presence of something as close to being ‘divine’ as can be made by the hand of man. Ethereally transfixing gorgeous tone, and with more volume than you expect from a Romanillos too. She is lively and expressive and so comfortable to play.

If you are a Romanillos fan already, like most of us, you will be in love instantly. If you are not a Romanillos fan, like a Siren of old, she will lure you to become one. Either way she is in charge, not you. Just a beautiful elegant refined lady. Ummmmm.

1977 Jose Romanillos