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1974 Ignacio Fleta Cedar/Fan Braced

Top: Rare Chocolate Cedar/Fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain

With this Fleta it’s all about the SOUND! The voice is pure Fleta, and the volume, man, are you sure this isn’t a double top? I was shocked at the volume too…

She presents as a near new guitar though in fact she has been repolished over the years, no matter, the sound and volume have been unaffected, she sounds amazing.

She has had an interesting life so far, and is seeking her next caretaker and friend.. here is her story as submitted be her former owner:

“The guitar was made for Turibio Santos – he was living in Europe at the time and any work of any would have been done by Fleta. Odair Assad told me that that chocolate top was something special he reserved for VIPs which of course Turibio was At the time. The guitar lived it’s entire life after that in Rio where any work would’ve been done by Sergio Abreu.To the best of my knowledge The finish is entirely original- because he found it to be big (go figure they seem to be the same size) he really didn’t play it much and sold it to a guy who is an amateur and also didn’t play it much (he lent it to João Gilberto Who played it in Carnegie Hall)so It came to me in very good condition. Duane Waterman did some touchup for me when I first got it about 10 years ago and more earlier this year Roger Spurline touched it up.”

I note one small cleated area inside maybe 1/2”, the polishing noted above, and evidence of a string ding, but she has reclaimed her former glory and now looks near new. The combination of sound/volume/price make this one a winner for sure.

1974 Ignacio Fleta Cedar/Fan Braced