1974 Hermann Hauser ll

Top: Very old Spruce
Back and sides: Very old Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Germany
Price: SOLD

This superb Hauser ll quickly found a new home, if you are looking for a fine vintage guitar please let me know…

Hauser l and Hauser ll guitars are high on the list of any collector, and many players, and have been favored by some fine artists over many decades as well. Hauser sr. and his son have developed an almost mystical aspect regarding them and their guitars, with many people I have met telling me they would just like to ‘hold one one time and feel the vibe’.

Hauser ll guitars can be hit and miss, he was highly experimental, and often folks respond fairly strongly to Hauser ll guitars leaning one way or the other regarding any specific guitar.

Not to worry this time, this Hauser ll is quite likely the best sounding Hauser ll I have had the pleasure of hearing. I can’t imagine any player, especially any Hauser ll enthusiast, that would not be captivated by this fine example of his work, dated 1974.

The owner reports to me that he has possessed the guitar for the past 30 years, and he has taken brilliant care of it. No cracks or repairs that I can discern and only a few marks on the otherwise flawless Spruce top. Just absolutely stunning Rosewood back and sides, and an old Spruce top laced with so much gorgeous hazelficte that it appears to literally ‘shimmer’ when viewed in good lighting. As much a work of visual as auditory art, I could look at this for hours just sitting her on a guitar stand like a fine sculpture.

But as always, the tone is the undeniable quality that makes or breaks a great guitar, and in fact, this is exactly where this guitar excels. Absolutely gorgeous basses, supple, strong, and musical, with sweet but powerful bell like trebles that sound like dripping honey. She has surprising volume as well. I have heard recordings the owner made with this instrument and they are absolutely lovely, she is lovely to hear live, and lovely to hear well recorded, just a flawless guitar no matter how she is evaluated.

If you are looking for a Hauser ll that will be beautiful to look at and will melt your heart when played, here she is….

1974 Hermann Hauser ll