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1969 Manuel Velazquez Spruce/fan braced

Top: spruce/fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: USA


Manuel Velazquez guitars are often at the top of the list of players “favorites”, with has passing, his guitars have become even more treasured if that is possible. The guitar is in superb condition and has a refined elegant voice, very balanced and Velazquez lovers dream. The headstock and rosette and even the fine Indian Rosewood on the back are a bit unusual, making this an even more rare “gem”, lovely. Plays like a dream too. Just a superb Velazquez and beautiful.

This guitar was originally acquired by the owner from Kent Guitars, Miles had this to say about the guitar:

“I telephoned Manuel and Alfredo some years ago about that specific guitar. I remember the conversation well.
I had previously sent photos. Manuel said that it was beautiful timber that he remembered having two or three sets of it ~ and wished he had had more then people would not always be asking for Brazilian. He said he was inspired to do different decorative things from time to time as it is monotonous to do the same every time.
I said I understood he always signed under the soundboard ~ but he said No, I usually do, but sometimes I put it off then forget. He confirmed it was made by him and that there are many guitars out there unsigned under the front.”

1969 Manuel Velazquez Spruce/fan braced