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NEW Michel Brück Cedar/Double Top

Top: Cedar/Double Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Tuners: Rodgers

If you ask most folks who really know and understand the finest double tops “Who besides Dammann would be your pick for the best German double top builder?” The name Michel Brück is always at the top of the list. Known for his haunting blend of traditional and modern qualities, his double tops are often referred to as “Hauser ll’s on steroids”, in that they have lovely musical voices and yet all the dynamic range, response and volume expected of modern guitars in general, and double tops in particular.

While Michel currently has a 10 year wait, I am fortunate to receive one a year for my clients and it is always a pleasure to make them available with no wait when I am able to. Like all the best builders Michel’s guitars are consistently awe inspiring, and yet he joins the best builders in one other way, and that is he is constantly striving and refining and tweaking to take his guitar to ever more special levels. Just when I think he has refined them as much as humanely possible, he surprises me again, and so it is with this guitar.

As soon as I played it I knew he had been exploring again, and I called him to say it was very likely my favorite guitar in all the many years I have been offering his fine instruments. All the usual characteristic’s that are there, the ones that people are willing to wait on a list for 10 years to enjoy, lovely basses, clear musical trebles, a very wide dynamic range, superb volume and projection, ease of play, and “something more” which escapes words, something in the character of the voice that is magical and which evokes a delightful emotional response, absolutely lovely voice. This is no surprise really, as Michel for many years maintained some very important collections in Europe and thus became intimately familiar with guitars of all the great past maestro’s. He also built for many years traditional Hauser style guitars. So his intimate knowledge of these instruments is somehow infused into his elegant double tops, and well, it is little wonder people are willing to wait so long to own one.

But this one is available now, good news for some lucky player in the world…

Tatyana Ryzhkova plays a Michel Brück Cedar double top guitar