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Michel Brück Cedar/Double Top

Top: Cedar/Double Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Germany
Price: SOLD

This lovely Brück cedar double top has found a new home, Michel has a wait list now of more than ten years but I am hoping for another new instrument early next year, please contact me for details…..
I am a huge fan of Michel’s art. If you have read any of my past postings about his instruments you may recall that like many of the best double top builders, he built superb traditional fan braced instruments for many years and still builds them when asked. This deep knowledge of building was enhanced significantly by the fact that Michel curated many of the best guitar collections in Europe and had intimate exposure to many of the finest examples of the old world maestro’s of building, Fleta, Romanillos, Hauser, Torres, Simplicio and many more. When he realized the extraordinary potential that the double top concept brings to the concert guitar, he set out to combine the character he loved in the old world guitars, with the modern attributes that players expect now in a contemporary guitar. This guitar demonstrates how successful he has been at achieving his goal. A gorgeous rich emotional voice accompanied by excellent response, a wide dynamic range and the sense that notes want to more or less ‘leap’ off the string at the slightest touch, and of course the byproduct of a fine double top which is also appreciate i.e. excellent volume and projection as well. Very comfortable to play, with Rodgers tuners also, and flawless craftsmanship of the highest level. Little wonder Michel’s wait list is now more than ten years. A good opportunity to own a new Brück without a ten year wait. Lovely.