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Jim Redgate Spruce WAVE double top

Top: Spruce WAVE double top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: Australia
Scale: 650mm
Price: SOLD

This absolutely incredible WAVE double top found a new home quickly, if you would like one please contact me about deposits and wait times…

As you may know I am a Spruce double top freak, I just love them, sooo, I was super excited when Jim sent this Spruce WAVE double top from Australia. Even though I know it takes about 12 hours after shipping for a double top to return to normal, well, I was like an impatient kid and played her right out of the box. I thought to myself ‘wow this is a nice double top, very nice in fact and I enjoyed her a bit, then put her back in the case thinking “nice”. 12 hours later I tuned her up and thought “well nice double top, I’ll just check her out a bit more then get back to work. HOLY $%#@^!!. I was not prepared for what I heard. I consider myself a connoisseur of fine guitars, spruce double tops in particular and I can be hard to impress I admit this, but this guitar is hands down the best spruce double top Jim Redgate has ever made, I am seldom at a loss for words and I am speechless. And she is not even at her best, double tops tend to have about a 30 day settle in period, and spruce of course plays in mainly around 6-12 months of steady playing so she is still a baby, and won’t even mature to her potential for a few months. What can I say to describe this tone that is indescribable, enchanting, lovely, melodic, magical, something exotic and rare, I don’t know, it is incredible. Of course it has great projection and a delightful response, and has JIm’s “plays like butter” action, and the super elevated fingerboard gives unparalleled access to the upper registers. My jaw has dropped, and I am out of superlatives. Every single thing we want in a perfect guitar has come together magically in this one, Jim, you outdid yourself this time..