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2012 Manuel Contreras 10th Aniversario

Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: Spain
Scale: 650mm
SOLD – 20th Anniversary Sale!

The 10th Aniversario Contreras is the top model from the Contreras shop. Constructed in 2012, it has been meticulously maintained and is in essentially brand new condition. A fine set of Spruce was used for the soundboard and the Rosewood back and sides are lovely, the craftsmanship is elegant and detailed. It has the usual Contreras double back, which in theory frees up the inner back lining to vibrate freely while the outer back rests against the body. This, the Contreras folks believe, removes any “dampening” effect on the back that might otherwise occur. This example has very good volume and projection for this style of guitar, certainly a stage worthy level. It is retains the Spanish character of more traditionally built Spanish guitars but has more focus and projection. A clear well balanced voice exists, and the guitar is sure to please any Contreras fan.