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2012 Manoli Flouras Cedar/lattice braced

Top: Cedar/Lattice Braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Australia
Price: SOLD

As I have noted before regarding his guitars, Manoli is good friends with well respected Australian luthier Jim Redgate. He was trained by Jim, uses Jim’s designs, Jim’s woods, and works in Jim’s shop. You can’t get any closer to a Redgate than this. Manoli uses the same lattice brace design, refined over many years, that Jim does, and the same parabolic braceless arched back as well as the identically comfortable neck carve. If you have heard a Redgate, or heard Ana Vidovic playing hers, you have an idea of the sound of this guitar.This instrument has a nicely played in musical voice, with lovely clarity and elegant sustain, very responsive and with superior volume as a side benefit, and the neck and action are easily as comfortable as Jim’s guitars, Manoli incorporates a twelve hole tie block and elevated fingerboard as well. This is a superior Australian lattice guitar and in my opinion exceptionally well priced as well especially when considering the level of quality inherent in Manoli’s instruments…