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2012 Dieter Müller Cedar/Double top

Top: Cedar/Double Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: Germany
Scale: 650mm
Price: SOLD

This will be a lucky find for someone :-), This guitar was purchased new from my shop by the owner, and I remember it being a particularly noteworthy guitar from Dieter, only as sometimes happens, the thought of finding the time to play Classical guitar does not always merge with reality, and so she sat virtually unplayed since it was new in 2012. A bit of a time capsule. So here she is, an essentially ‘new’ Dieter Müller Cedar double top for much less than a new one and in flawless like new condition. Dieter’s guitars are in many ways, among the most ‘Dammann-like’ of double tops, uber light, powerful and with excellent dynamic range and response, and like Dammann he also uses Rosewood for the fingerboard, similarly feeling it is a better tone wood and contributes to the overall character of the sound. A lovely, powerful, convincing concert level double top from one of the best known double top builders in Germany.

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