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2009 Michel Brück Cedar-Double/composite top

Top: Cedar/Double (composite) top
Back & Sides: Rosewood
Origin: Germany
Price: Call for special price

Michel is considered by many to be one of the finest double top builders on the planet, in fact I know of several clients who, while initially interested in a Dammann but found out his wait was approaching 20 years, then opted for the relatively ‘shorter’ ten year wait on Michel’s list to obtain a double top that they felt was at the highest level possible. Michel’s reputation has grown along with his wait list, and his prices also reflect the current level of desire, selling now for many thousands more than the price of this example of Michel’s work. This double top, with Rodgers tuners, has his trademark “Hauser ll on steroids” character and flawless workmanship. A lovely voice supported by all the attributes expected by modern players from today’s guitars i.e. Power, balance, wide dynamic range, projection and very responsive. The guitar has a couple tight cracks on the back and some minor playing wear (see ‘note’ below) and comes with a top of the line Kaura case as well. Priced thousands less than a ‘new’ Brück, and without the ten year wait, this is an exception opportunity. Note: The guitar is generally in fine condition with only very light playing wear, some light string marks below the bridge, and one ‘ding’ near the edge of the lower bout, treble side, However it does have several tight but apparent cracks in the Rosewood on the back, hence the surprising price. Otherwise in fine condition.

2009 Michel Brück/Cedar/Double Top