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2008 Marin Montero Blanca

Top: Spruce
Back & Sides: Spanish Cypress
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain

20 Year Anniversary Sale – 10% Off List Price – Dec 1st – Dec 31st, 2017

This beautiful guitar is a strong Blanca, by the undisputed ‘father’ of Granada builders. Marin’s guitars have a trait shared by only the best Blanca’s in that they are punchy and lively, and yet still musical. They can bark, or they can sing. Marin is famous for his guitars the world over and while you tend to see more Classical guitars from him, connoisseurs of Flamenco know that he makes a fantastic Flamenco as well. I have many clients with Marin Flamenco guitars dating back as far as the 70s that they would not trade for any Reyes. If you want to know how a Marin Flamenco can sing listen to the beautiful sounding Marin played by Jose Antonio Rodriguez on his album “Manhattan de la Frontera”, the same Marin he played in the famous Carlos Saura film “Flamenco”. Very fast action, and responsive to the players attack, right there when you ask her to be. I love the character of this guitar. A great Blanca with crisp basses, lively trebles and lot’s of ‘kick’ but that still retains a sweet musical voice. Divine guitar.