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2005 Dominique Field

Top: Spruce solid top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Rodgers
Scale: 650mm
Origin: France
Price: SOLD

This fine Field has found a new home, if you are interested in superior French guitars please contact me….

Well as I have said many times before I love Dominique Fields’ work, his guitars are beautiful and I tip my hat to my friendly competitors who champion his guitars, they deserve the attention they get. Fine instruments. Dominique Field is, along with Dominique Delarue, one of my favorite French builders. This is a particularly nice Field, and is absolutely flawless in every way, perfectly mint ‘like new’ as if it just left the shop yesterday. Simply flawless in every way. The woods are superb quality, workmanship is superior, the Rodgers tuners are a good match, everything is ‘right’. Tonally I find this instrument to be very nicely balanced, a breeze to play, and it has a very ‘noble’ character. This is a lovely guitar with a voice to match.