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2004 Fleta Cedar/Fan Braced

Top: Cedar/Fan Braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain

This fine instrument has found a new home, please contact me if you are seeking something similar, I can help!!!

Fleta’s are legendary, and people wait decades on the wait list to own one, so any time I have one arrive in the shop I am always happy about that. While the older Fleta’s are considered highly desirable and collectible as well they are priced accordingly and so are beyond the budget of many players. The newer Fleta’s represent an opportunity to play a guitar in the Fleta style and with a Fleta voice for a much more affordable price, and so the newer Fleta’s have their fans as well. If money was no object which would you choose? An older one for sure, but if you love the character of Fleta’s but don’t want to spend enough to buy a car, well a newer Fleta is an option to consider and is as close to an old Fleta as you can get at a much much more affordable price. Why play a Fleta copy, when you can play an actual Fleta for probably close to the same price?