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1995 Matthias Dammann Cedar/Double Top

Top: Cedar/Double Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 654mm
Origin: Germany
Price: SOLD

Matthias Dammann invented the double top guitar, and was the first in the world to use nomex in double tops as well, though many have adopted this superior design by now and with good reason. I have had the honor to represent the entire evolution of Dammann guitars from his early fan braced solid tops, to the all wood double tops, to the nomex double tops (By the way HINT HINT: Look for a world-wide exclusive announcement about Dammann guitars here on my site in the very near future!!), and I can say that each Dammann, no matter the style, is a unique and very special guitar, he is just a great builder, heck he could make a killer ukelele if he was so inclined, he is just a powerfully intuitive and inventive builder.

This is a very well cared for Dammann, it appears to have been carefully repolished at some point, and has no cracks or repairs that I know of. I love his early nomex double tops like this one, right at the time he was transitioning from the all wood to the nomex core. These guitars have a lovely character and yet benefit from the attributes that the nomex core allows for, lighter weight, increased response, increased volume. She has a delightful voice, excellent power, the basses and trebles are a perfect match, she sings like a siren. with the price of the newer Dammann’s seeming to command ever higher prices as demand always exceeds availability, in this regard, I think this Dammann also excels, the price is quite reasonable given the high level of instrument that it is.