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1987 Manuel Contreras “Double Top”

Top: Cedar/fan braced solid top
Back and sides: Rosewood/Cedar
Cradle: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain
Price: $8,500

20 Year Anniversary Sale – 10% Off List Price – Dec 1st – Dec 31st, 2017

Of course the Double Top nomenclature used in 1987 is different than today. Then, it referred to “tapa” or “cover” referring to the design of the BACK of the guitar not the top, so in reality of course this is a solid top fan braced traditional Spanish guitar primarily, though the back is doubled with a cedar lining. In addition the guitar rests in a rosewood “cradle”, which functions much like an “arm rest” on modern guitars, separating the body from contact with the guitar, except that in this case , the “arm rest” concept encloses the entire instrument with a sort of “outer shell” within which the actual guitar rests. This isolates the guitar from all points of contact with the body so that the entire instrument can vibrate freely without being dampened in any way by contact with the players leg, arm or body. The guitar is in excellent “near new” condition with only a few barely noticeable minor marks. She has a lovely voice, quite expressive, with wonderful sustain and a warm rich cedar character. In addition, it is one of those guitars that has a particularly easy, comfortable and responsive action that makes her a delight to play.