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1972 Daniel Friederich ‘spruce fan braced’

Top: Spruce/fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: France
Price: $34,950

20 Year Anniversary Sale – 10% Off List Price – Dec 1st – Dec 31st, 2017

This is one of those Friederich that ‘has you at the first note’. You know the ones. You start to tune it up for the first time and already you are beginning to grin, then she is fully tuned and you hit the first few notes and you already know you have something special in your hands. Built in 1972, during what might be called his “Spruce period”, and well enough into his career that he really had honed and refined his capabilities, this is a ‘quintessential’ level Friederich. It has some signs of prior ownership but appears otherwise to be in original condition with no cracks or repairs noted. A hauntingly lovely voice and a comfortable action will bring a smile I would think not only to any Friederich lover ( and who isn’t?) but really anybody who can remotely appreciate why a fine guitar is so special would also immediately ‘bond’ with this guitar. This is why Friederich guitars are so adored. His so called ‘Grand Concert’ model of course…