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1970 Hernandez Y Aguado

Top: Cedar
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: Spain
Price: $29,500

Played over the years several guitar luminaries, “ H and A “ guitars as they are referred to, have become legendary in guitar circles. They are unique instruments favored by players and collectors alike and prized for the beauty of their tone as well as the lovely carving that adorns the headstock. This example has an absolutely gorgeous choir-like voice with beautiful bell like trebles and is very ‘open’ sounding, with the notes seeming to surround you.  The scale is very comfortable, even in my small hands, and the neck shape renders the 660 scale a non issue. The guitar finish is dulled from the years but could easily be re polished if desired, it has some playing wear and one larger mark on the lower bout, otherwise structurally fine with only a tight but slightly open center seam along the back which is well supported by the interior center strip of course. A voice that will leave you awestruck.