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1964 Manuel Velazquez ‘Spruce/Fan Braced’

Top: Spruce/Fan Braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Puerto Rico

This fine instrument has found a new home, please contact me if you are seeking something similar, I can help!!!

You may guess, correctly too, from the quote on my home page that I am a Velazquez fan. Yup. And this guitar is a great example of why. A flawlessly preserved 1964 which the owner reports is in original condition, though possibly re polished at some point, and is lovely. The back and sides if I look inside with a mirror I can see that someone, maybe Velazquez himself? Supported two areas along the length of the back which were either cracks or potential cracks, it is hard to say. It appears like a time capsule as if it just came off the bench yesterday, obviously a very loved and well cared for guitar. She has a fine Spruce top and Rosewood back and sides, 650mm scale and possesses that very romantic ‘Spanish’ character that is so often found in the best Velazquez guitars. A sweet and heart rending voice, well balanced, and refined. Simply a divine example of a fine and very well cared for Velazquez….