2007 Greg Smallman
Top: Cedar Back & Sides: Brazilian Rosewood
Scale: 650mm • Origin: Australia

After nearly ten years on Greg’s list I just received  confirmation that a brand new Smallman will arrive in 2007. Considered by many to be the ‘holy grail’ of contemporary guitars, one has only to listen to any concert by the incredible John Williams to appreciate why these guitars have developed such a rabid world-wide following. The last new Smallman I had was incredible in any dimension. Greg had added a comfortable arm rest, the volume was frightening, and the tone was as sophisticted as it was beatiful. I am truly excited to be able to present another of Greg’s masterpieces. Please call me to discuss.

-John Williams, from an interview in the “Australian Guitar Journal”

 This impeccable, like-new, Smallman has every attribute described in the quote above, and then some. Powerful, robust, expressive and balanced. This guitar includes Greg’s newer features as well, such as a comfortable arm rest, and his “adjustable action” system that allows the action to be raised or lowered without removing the strings. The fingerboard also has a 2mm twist from the nut to the 12th fret. A flawless Smallman, with beautiful Brazilian Rosewood. Includes a like-new carbon fibre case.

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