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1992 Robert Ruck "The White House Ruck"
Top: Old Spruce
Back and sides: Old rosewood
Tuners: Rodgers
Scale: 650mm
Origin: USA
Price: SOLD

This exquisite Spruce Ruck is on par with the famous 1972 Ruck that Manuel Barrueco records with, a very special instrument made especially for the Castellani-Andriaccio Duo in 1992 by Maestro Robert Ruck. The guitar is in near perfect condition, 'near new', really remarkable given its age and concert history, and absolutely beautiful. This instrument was played by the Duo at their White House concert, and was played worldwide at fine concert venues like the Kennedy Center, as well as being utilized in recordings, DVD's, TV shows, and radio programs. A rich history of being played at major concerts all over the world for many years by this well known and highly respected Duo.

One can imagine the level of quality that an instrument must possess to remain in the constant service of a demanding concert artist for so many years. Michael Andriaccio describes the guitar as " being capable of filling a concert hall of any size, and producing a warm, rich, yet focused sound and crystal clear voice separation with excellent playability, a rapid attack, and consistent sustain."

In playing the guitar I would agree with every comment Michael shared, and would add that the notes are also incredibly even across the entire fingerboard, the action is effortless, and the old spruce, being well played in, has a magnificent 'noble' character found only in the finest Spruce guitars. Rodgers tuners, and elevated fingerboard as well.

I contacted Robert Ruck about this special instrument and he offered the following statement:
"I build the best guitar that I can in each and every case. When I build a guitar for a prominent professional player of great experience, whom I personally know there is an added element of concern that arises within my conscious being. I realize that the instrument will be demonstrated on stage by a player that can fully exploit its character. With that in mind I am set up to perform at the very edge of my abilities. This instrument made for Michael Andriaccio in 1992 represents me very well. "- Robert Ruck August 2013

This unique, historical, and beautifully played in concert instrument will comfortably satisfy even the most discriminating player or concert artist, and instruments with this level of quality and pedigree are seldom available. A once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of the most special Ruck's on the planet.

The Castellani-Andriaccio Duo playing Scarlatti's " Sonata in D Minor" using this 1992 Ruck Guitar

This is the same 1992 Ruck played by the Duo at their White House concert, here photographed with the guitar at the White House after concert reception.


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