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2008 Paulino Bernabe "Imperial"
Top: Spruce
Sides & Back: Rosewood
Scale: 650 mm • Origin: Spain • Tuners: Graf

This guitar has liquid smooth Graf tuners, and a gorgeous Spruce top that has been aging in Paulino's shop for more than thirty years. There is something extraordinarily and uniquely beautiful about the exquisite tone and 'feel' of the Imperial. Playing one is an experience you are not likely to forget.

The Imperial guitar is the penultimate Bernabe creation, exceeded only by the "Royal". Flawless craftsmanship, superior well aged woods, and of course that famous Bernabe sound, have resulted in the Imperial becoming one of Paulino's most desired models. The sides are doubled, having an internal lining of Maple and an external lining of Rosewood. This design, coupled with the unique and creative modified fan bracing design that is only found on the Imperial and Royal models, creates a guitar with superb refinement and excellent volume and projection. I feel that these instruments create a sound 'bridge' between a traditional fan braced guitar and contemporary lattice braced or double topped guitars, providing aspects for lovers of both styles to enjoy. Very traditional Spanish tone, but with so much volume and complexity that they clearly have a foot in both traditional and contemporary camps. A true blend of the best of both worlds. The craftsmanship is of the highest level attainable.

The quintessential Spanish Guitar.

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