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Beware of Conterfeit Strings!

I am receiving increasing reports from players and builders around the world regarding counterfeit strings. Often the first clue is simply that the strings don’t sound quite like the player or builder is used to, and often intonation problems are created as well. Early counterfeit strings were sloppy and fairly easy to detect but lately the counterfeit strings are more difficult to detect. The most common counterfeit I am hearing about so far is D’Addario. The D’Addario strings should come in a sealed plastic bag and the bag should have a number printed on it which can be checked on the D’Addario site for authenticity. If you have encountered other brands of countertfeit strings let me know and I’ll post the information here. If you have noticed the sound or intonation of your guitar is ‘off’ consider replacing the strings and make sure they are authentic.