You are listening to Ana Vidovic's recently released Naxos recording of Torroba, track 22 "preludio". The entire CD was recorded with her Jim Redgate guitar.

Ana Vidovic interview, Guitar Player magazine, August 2007

You play a Jim Redgate guitar, what drew you to that instrument?

“ One of my friends played a Redgate and he gave me the guitar to play a little bit. I liked it immediately-it’s one of the best instruments I’ve ever played. I was looking for a loud, powerful guitar, but I was also looking for a guitar that had a clean, warm, and beautiful sound that could be used to create many different tonal colors. I’ve found that it’s tricky to find a loud guitar that also has a very nice sound, but the Redgate has both.”

You can purchase a copy of this CD directly on Ana's site by clicking here.